Meet the Staff

Hoffman Lake Campground, INC. is all about family. We have been privately family owned and family operated since 1965. Bill and Bev Long founded the campground after a visit from their soon to be friend and now a camp legand, grandma Ashby sparked the idea that they use some of their then farm land for camping. Since then the land has all been worked and reworked into a 14 acre modern campground. Many moons after the first Ashby visit the next generation of Longs are still here & going strong! We live, work, & play on these grounds. We joke that this campground is in our blood.

2nd generation Hoffman Lake Camp family member, Mark Long was only 3 years old when his parents started up HLC. He is running the show these days with his daughter and a great team! He would love for you to meet his crew!

The Founders of Hoffman Lake Campground, Bill & Bev Long. Beverly was the heart and soul of HLC. Unfortunately she passed away four months after she unexpectedly lost her youngest son in 2016.
Pictured here with the founders is General Manager Mark Long & one of his granddaughters.


Aerial Gilbert can be found working in the camp store on the weekends. She is a team player, always smiling, never afraid to stand-up for what's right, & a cleaning machine!! The store is always so organized and refreshed when Aerial leaves! When we have extra needs she is on call and willing to help where she can! Aerial joined the team in 2017. She is the eldest daughter of our board president, Mike Long. We are grateful for her hard work!!

Mark and Kelsey Long. The father & daughter management duo. Mark manages the park and keeps everything in good working order. He is always on the grounds maintaining, improving, updating, and keeping people in line. During camping season Mark is never far from the camp. We are frequently told that our camp is like none other. "Very clean" .. "Love the updates" .. Everything you see here today at the park is because Mark Long has poured his heart and soul into this company. While Mark was born and raised here he didnt start working for the camp until he was the 5 years old. That's right, at 5 years old Mark began mowing the grass with his parents. Since then he has been hands on involved with every single detail from water pipes to electric lines. Every project and improvement has been touched by Mark. This park wouldn't be what it is today without the hardwork and LONG DAYS put in by Mark Long.

Kelsey Long has been seasonally working for the camp store off and on since she was 13 years old. In 2015 when Beverly was battling cancer, Kelsey just happened to be home on maternity leave and living close to the camp. Grandma Bev needed a caretaker and help on the grounds. Kelsey was there for it all. When Bev passed at the start of the season in 2016, Kelsey fell into the management position. She accepted all the responsibility and picked up where Bev left off. Today the seasonal campers have nicknamed her "Baby Bev" & "The Brain". Kelsey is following in her Grandma & Father's footsteps these days by pouring her all into her position at the camp.

Nick Miller came to our family in 2013. & pitches in at the camp part-time. (When we can get him in off the lake that is!)
Nick cuts & spilts our wood (hence the lumberjack beard) .. Nick is always a smiling face with our campers. You can find him riding his bike in the evenings & stopping at every camper out to shoot the breeze! NIck brings an extra friendly element to our camp family. He is always a helping hand when we need to stick someone in the tractor basket to cut tree limbs, haul bulk wood orders, touch ups with the weed whacker, plant flower gardens, pressure wash, plow snow, during the week he keeps up with the mowing and makes sure the mowers are in clean working order, and he does whatever else his wife Kelsey can find for him to do. Thanks for being a helping hand, Nick!  We appreciate you!

The Gethas live on property during camping season. They are the best work campers we have ever known. Who knows where we would be with out these two. Bill and Carol came to us in 2015 after camping with us in years past. The Gethas answered an ad that Bev placed for work campers. We truly believe they were directed to us from the Big Guy upstairs. Ms. Bev was very sick when they arrived. They jumped right in and got to work. Bill is a meticulas worker paying attention to every nook, cranny, and ligt bulb. Carol is the kind and caring heart that we all needed. She is always making sure everyone is ok and checking to see if she did everything correctly. She swooped in and filled the spot of Grandma for Bev's great-grandkids & they just adore her! God knew what he was doing when He brought them to us. These two have been absolute blessings to Hoffman Lake and the Long Family.
Carol Getha can be found running the store Friday & Saturday mornings. When she isn't in the store she is calling bingo, cleaning cabins, picking up sticks/trash, maintaining the grounds and making sure the bath houses sparkle! Carol is the grandma that we all needed. She cares for the children and is always in sweet spirits! Walking into the store and seeing Carol will brighten your day!  We love Carol and appreciate all the work she does.
Bill Getha has worked in the RV industry for many years now. He is a hands on guy ready to jump in and help at any time. There isn't a job Bill won't do. He is the right hand man. 
They are family now.

Mike Long, HLC Board President.  Mike is always there when help is needed. He is a big dog at Hoffman Lake! He is a valuable team player! When we have a big problem, Mike has a big answer. (A couple years ago we had a huge diesel pusher stuck in the mud.. our local trusty farmer here came down with a HUGE tractor and pulled it right out!)  If you know Mike you know that he will go to any lengths to make sure that the job is done and done well. He has a heart of gold. Mike is the oldest son of Bill and Bev Long.

Come down to Hoffman Lake and meet our awesome crew for yourself!